For Dr Doug Stein, vasectomies are more than a career – theyʼre an obsession. He’s determined to make sure this procedure is available to every man in the state of Florida (all seven million of them) and as many others throughout the world that he can convince. He goes to places no other vasectomist is willing to go, and he does so with unparalleled passion and commitment.

A legend among doctors around the globe, Doug is not your typical urologist. In Florida he is famous for his billboards that loom across interstate highways promoting low-cost, scalpel-free vasectomies. For three weeks out of every month, Doug takes his practice on the road. Piling all his supplies into a mobile van, he performs vasectomies all over Florida, often at county health departments and Planned Parenthood sites for men who have no health insurance.

And several times a year, with his own money, he travels overseas to perform vasectomies in the slums and remote areas of developing countries, hoping to establish a male-orientated component to a global family planning movement that will reduce poverty and relieve women from carrying the sole burden of birth control.

Every day between 15 and 30 men come to Doug and literally drop their pants, ready to get their vas clamped and put to rest forever the possibility of making babies. The reasons are as diverse as the men who show up. For some it’s the decision to take the burden of family planning off their wives, for others it’s simply economic pressures that make parenting unappealing. Our film captures the vulnerability of fully exposed men as they have intimate conversations, humorous exchanges and personal revelations about manhood with Doug as they get ‘the snip’.

For me, Doug is a bit like Don Quixote in the Man of La Mancha, a person pursuing the impossible dream. Sometimes I think he’s like that mythic character, Sisyphus, pushing the boulder up the hill only to have it come down on his head once again. In any case, Doug is doing a lot of people’s work and providing us the spark to have a much-needed conversation about some big issues about population on the planet. So my hope is that this project makes his work a little less impossible, and a little less lonely!

– Jonathan Stack (Director – THE VASECTOMIST)

For the official lowdown on Doug and his credentials, you can visit his website here